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Scoliosis is a musculoskeletal disorder in which there is a curvature of the spine, or backbone.  Some people who have scoliosis require treatment while other people, who have milder curves, may need to visit their doctor for periodic observation only.  In 80 to 85 percent of people the cause of scoliosis are unknown and is called Idiopathic Scoliosis.  Children with curves between 20 and 29 degrees may benefit with a Brace that is designed to stop the curve from getting worse.  Your physician will take into account multiple factors including skeletal maturity, age, and degree of the curve.   Are there other ways to prevent the curve was getting worse besides bracing?  So far other “holistic” approaches have not been shown to prevent curve progression or worsen.  Other modalities include: Chiropractic manipulation, electrical stimulation, nutritional supplementation, and exercise (Patients who exercise will benefit with potentially better flexibility and good general health).
The importance of a team approach to treating scoliosis cannot be emphasized enough.  Our practitioners work directly with physical therapists, school teachers if requested, and the orthopedic doctor.  We also help educate the child and parents so the child can learn to feel comfortable with their treatment and be able to explain to their peers the importance of wearing the Brace.